An alternate version of Golarion, both similar and different from the one The Gang are from.

Recent History: The Dragon King

300 years before present day, the Dragon King, a powerful warlord commanding a quintet of massive chromatic dragons and who had conquered the war stricken contenant of Tian Xia launched an assault on Casmaron. Within a pathetic 25 years the Empire of Kelesh fell to it’s knees, and plead alligance to the Dragon King.

Few expected this to be the end of the Dragon King’s appearent lust for bending empires under his thumb, and they were not wrong. After 60 some years of tense peace the red and gold banners of the supreme lord once more rode and flew forth to the west once more. Unlike Kelesh, the Avistani nations were far more prepared for this eventuality and had formed strategic alliances, often setting aside old quarrels to do so. Still, one by one, the western most nations began to fall, often to the attrition caused by waning resources.

This all came to a head after 112 years of war when the Dragon King, only months after claiming Andoran as his most recent conquest launched a massive assult on Absalom (most theorize given the nature of the assault, the King’s goal had been Starstone, housed in central Absalom, all along). Employing all five of his dragons the King practically razed the city to the ground when he was met with a massive response in the form of the Pathfinder Society activating an ancient artifact that immediately sheathed the entire city in an inpenetrable bubble powered by ancient magics, and in the process trapping the great red within the city walls and slicing the great black in twain. The King spent 100 days and 100 nights laying seige to the bubble making not so much as a dent.

Then he retreated, claiming no additional territory, and sending white flagged envoys of peace. Over the following years treaties were signed, and in the years since the Avistan has seen relative peace. Many of the conquered nations have adjusted to their new eastern rule, with some even welcoming the exchange of cultures from the immegration of their now fellow countrymen. Despite this is practically common for rebel groups made up of old nation loyalists to thrive within many of these nations. On the other side of the border, the strategic alliances settled into a pair of more permanent alliances (the Avistanian Union and the Northern Alliance) while some remaining nations insisted on standing alone.

To this day it is said that the Dragon King broods somewhere within his empire, searching for a way to bring down the bubble.

Related Info

  • The Dragon King’s banners are slender and tall and have a raised golden dragon claw superimposed on a red background
  • With the Absalom lost and membership being banned within the Dragon’s empire, the Pathfinder Society has largely fallen apart. Some remaining lodges have banded together, sharing the few relics that were not stored in Absalom and gathering new ones. Other have join the Aspis consortium, while others have struck out on their own.
  • Dragon Empire States of Avistan:
    • Andoran – Conquered
    • Taldor – Conquered
    • Qadira – Joined alongside the rest of the Empire of Kelesh
    • Galt – Conquered
    • Brevoy – Joined out of desperation to return to the old ways
  • Avistanian Union States:
    • Cheliax & it’s vassals Nidal, Nirmathas, Molthune, & Isger – Many see the union as just the once failing Cheliaxian empire under a different name, but few have good reason to oppose it.
    • Southern Varisia – the nation split in two as a result of a conflict between the Northern Alliance and the Avistanian Union 20 years past.
    • Mendev – in joint control of both unions as an area to stage crusades against the demons of the Worldwound
    • Lastwall – Stands as it did before, concerned only with keeping the Whispering Tyrants forces at bay
  • Northern Alliance States:
    • Northern Varisia – the nation split in two as a result of a conflict between the Northern Alliance and the Avistanian Union 20 years past.
    • Lands of the Linnorm Kings
    • Realm of the Mammoth Lords
    • Worldwound – the hospitable lands that remain align themselves with the other nations of the north
  • Stand Alone States of Avistan:
    • Absalom (Isle of Kortos) – no one has been in or out of the city since the bubble went up almost 100 years ago
    • River Kingdoms – there is no central government, the Dragon Empire does have some settlements here, but no where near a majority.
    • Numeria – The Black Sovereign owes no one his alligance
    • Irrisen – well occaisonally aligning themselves with the Northern Alliance, the white witches know they are far too northern for the Dragon King to care
    • Ustalav and Belkzen – The Whispering Tyrant’s “empire” of undeath.
    • Razmiran – protected by the river kingdom’s expansiveness and the’s populace’s “faith”
    • Druma – once (and still) a nation of trade, it has also become a neutral meeting ground upon which
    • Kyonin & Five Kings Mountains – these elven and dwarven nations share a mutal pact of self defense as an alternative to being forced into some human-led empire.


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