Professor Petros Lorrimor

Famed scholar, explorer, and teacher. Deceased.

  • Old
  • Male
  • Human
  • Wizard

In his travels abroad, Professor Lorrimor often sought out adventurers when when conducting research. Sometimes he sought lore-keepers to assist and confirm his research. Other times he sought the protection from those who cared more for stealing the artifacts he chose to study, sometimes even hiring their ilk to return the stolen property. And even though he was a man of culture and academia, he had no qualms befriending those of a less civilized nature, often when doing research in their native lands.

It was during these travels that the professor met the members of the party: Chhakuk, Kayl, Riska, and Simkin.

When not conducting field research or teaching at the University of Lepidstadt, he maintained a country estate in the small town of Ravengro where he lived with his daughter Kendra. During his final stay in the town, the professor was found dead near one of the walls of the Harrowstone prison ruins. He was found laying on his back with his face and neck crushed by large piece of the stony visage of a gargoyle above. Seemingly a tragic accident.

The presence of the initial party’s presence was requested by his will to serve two goals – first to provide support to Kendra for a month as she decided whether to stay in Ravengro, and the second to deliver a cache of books pertaining to dark matters that he had on loan from the university as part of his research. For the completion of these tasks he had set up a payment with one of the owners of the books.

Alongside these encyclopedic tombs was found the professor’s journal, and within that multiple highlighted passages raised the possibility that his death was not as accidental as it seemed. According to his journal, the professor had become convinced that a cult, The Whispering Way, had some interest in the ruins and it’s ghosts. He suspected his investigations may not end well, and thus left his journal for the party to find.

Professor Petros Lorrimor

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