Markiza Welgory

A Philandering Noblewoman


In her early forties, Markiza Welgory regularly comes to the Ascanor Lodge to hunt fox. She is currently visiting without her husband, the Markiz – a portly fellow with a bad case of gout and the personality of a lake trout (or so Duristan believes). In his absence he has hired numerous “companions” to accompany her to society functions and other important affairs all of which happen to by young, handsome men making rumours of the Markiza’s personal life a favourite subject of Ustalav’s elite.

Her current “companion”, a broad-shouldered and handsome young huntsman named Ostovach – referred to by the other guests as “the Markiza’s hound”. During the party’s stay at the lodge the they happened upon the pair of them getting naughty in the ground’s hedge maze, where they were being spied on by Paucy.

She often discusses trade regulations and taxes that directly affect her family’s commodities business with other lodge guests, something Kayl fell victim to.

Markiza Welgory

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