Madame Ivanja

A Mysterious Brothel Madame


Madame Ivanja runs a brothel to provide luxurious companions to the guests of the Ascanor Lodge out of the watchtower in the south-west corner of the property. At the time of the party’s arrival, only one of Madame Ivanja’s courtesans is in residence at the lodge — a Vudrani woman named Niama.

She kept a travelling wagon parked on the watchtower’s ground floor, which she the party surmised she used to transport herself and her employees to and from the lodge.

Clearly of Varisian descent, Madame Ivanja is also a skilled fortuneteller, and insisted on giving Kayl a harrow reading during while he was there investigating the Whispering Way and their possible visit to the lodge.

Madame Ivanja

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