Kendra Lorrimor

Daughter of the Late Professor

  • Female
  • Human
  • Diviner

Kendra is the 25-year old daughter of Professor Petros Lorrimor. She has lived in Ravengro for nearly 15 years after having moved there with her family as a child from Lepidstadt after her father retried from teaching.

When the party first meet Kendra, she is quite clearly still in morning of her father’s sudden death. Her eyes are red and puffy and she dresses in dark, conservative clothes. Trim
and attractive. Greeting them with a mixture of curiosity, sadness, and relief, they are the only non-townfolk to attend the professor’s funeral, despite his lengthy teaching career.

Kendra is one of the few townsfolk that readily trusts the party members, as she trusts in her own late father’s judgement. She provides them with room and board at the professor’s house, and offers them any information concerning her father or the town should they ask. While not much of an adventurer herself, having some magic skills she willingly offers to help the party identify any magical items they come across, or use any of her other skills at no cost.

Kendra Lorrimor

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