A Disfigured Former Party Member


Baelor was born in a small town. His mother was a Fletcher and his father was a Mortician to the rich. Baelor was a very happy child, doing things around the house and gathering some of the dead birds around the neighborhood to help with the feathers his mother needed to make authentic arrows.

As Baelor got older and into his teens, his father Jacob, showed him the family business. He showed him how some of the people in the town had died. Using alchemy and some medical skill, Jacob showed Baelor, the major muscle groups and the best place to strike the enemy.

As Baelor got to the age of 16, he received awards for his skill with his bow, and his arrows were hand qcrafted from his mother. As he progressed in the ranks in the skill of archery, the other younger kids got jealous and complained to their parents (those of riches and noble status).

To exact revenge on humiliating their children the other nobles and their children paid Jacob for a job, stating that they needed a body cremated but the body was in a village out of town. When Jacob left, a group of bandits entered Baelor’s house while his mother and himself were sleeping. As the door slammed open, the seven bandits of half-giants and goblins ended up raping and bludgeoning his mother to death. Baelor heard the scream and equipped himself with his great grand fathers weapons and headed down stairs stealthed. Once he looked at the bottom of the stairs his mother made the words with her lips and worded the following “RUNRUN….RUN”. Baelor did not think twice and left his families house and left the town that night. He has never heard back from his father… Once a year, Baelor returns to the town, to see if his father is around. To this day, no sign that he has returned to his home town…



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