Carrion Crown

TotB: Recap of Day 002

Journey to Lepidstadt - Part 2 of 3

The party left Town of Tamrivena early next day, already tiring of their journey to Lepidstadt and fearing they were nearing wearing out what little welcome they had.


Not far from town the old Mountain Road entered the foothills of the Tusk Mountains, causing the path to meander between dips to avoid treacherous or tiresome climbs. Coming around one of these bends in the road, the party found their path blocked by a group of ruffians. They claimed authority of the path and demanded a toll, which they would take by force if not given up willingly.

At first the party tried to barter down the toll, with Riska wanting to pay none at all. Not willing to budge the bandits offered a show of force as a hail of arrows came flying from the nearby trees. Taking this as a threat, Riska launched the party into combat, and they made short work of their foes, killing all but one of them, who ran off into the woods severely burned. {XP Gained: I Forget}

The rest of this leg of their journey passed uneventfully, and they made it to Courtaud by early evening and settled in, finding the townsfolk to be about as welcoming as they were in Tamrivena.


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