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TotB: Recap of Day 001

Journey to Lepidstadt - Part 1 of 3

The remainder of the warm summer month of Erastus the party spent in Ravengro was rather boring, but at least that meant it was uneventful. The party spent most of their days lounging about Kendra’s residence and planning the trip north to Lepidstadt. They would be making this journey alone as Kendra had decided to continue to reside in her father’s homestead for the time being.

During this time they procured light horses that they could use to make the journey, and gathered a bit of information about their journey. Straight travelling without stop, Simkin estimated by taking the old Mountain Road through the southeastern foothills of the Tusk Mountains, they could make the make the journey in two and a half days. Not wanting to make such a breakneck pace, they planned on ending their days in towns of Tamrivena and Courtaud, which would be along the way.

Curiously just a few days before they were scheduled to leave, news came south from Lepidstadt that had all of the locals gossiping. Supposedly, the dreaded Beast of Lepidstadt — a terrifying abomination that had terrorized the people of Vieland for years — had been captured, and that hundreds of people from the surrounding country side had flocked to the city hoping to catch a glimpse of the horror and watch it burn for its crimes.


With their stay in town now over, they said thier goodbyes to Kendra and the other townsfolk, and left Ravengro on the 6th day of Arodus. They arrived in Tamrivena in the early evening, found an inn and settled in for the night. While the townsfolk were clearly not particularly interested in their company, the night still passed uneventfully.


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