Carrion Crown

HoH: Recap of Day 005

Desecration & Confrontation

The party awoke that morning to summons at the door of Kendra’s manor. The sheriff was requesting their presence at the Harrowstone Memorial, as it had been defaced once more. Gathering their gear, and nursing any hangovers they may have had the party headed out.

Arriving at the monument the scene was completely different from two days prior. With a deputy guarding the path to the monument, all townfolk were being turned away. Arriving at the scene the Sheriff greeted them and pointing to the “E” that had been added to the statue he stated that he no longer believed this was all a prank. Feeling that the party’s skills were far better suited for such an investigation than his own, he urged them to examine the scene.

Inspecting the scene, they immediately noticed the “V” the sheriff had instructed his deputies to remove a few days before, well obviously scrubbed, was still quite visible. When asked why, Sheriff Caeller tells them that it was the best they could do, and decided it was easier to just let the weather take it off over time. Examining the site further, Kayl was miraculously able to discern a single set of foot prints that lead off from the site up along the river, and not down the regular path.


Following the trail south along the river, it quickly turned back north, cutting a sowed field, and then to the back of a barn. There they found the freshly dead corpse of a dog, it’s throat slit. Enraged the began to case the barn and the nearby shack for the source of the tracks, and have careful examination the found a bloodstained war razor or waterskin hidden outside of the nearby shack under a pile of firewood.

Finding the door to the shack locked, they knocked and found the door to be answered by the mob leader from their first day in Ravengro, Gibs Hephenus. Unsurprisingly, he was quite unwilling to heed any of their demands, and slammed the door in their faces. Kayl promptly kicked said door in, and Gibs was forcefully subdued by the party and taken to the jail, all the while claiming his innocence despite the damning evidence of found behind his shack and his shoes matching the foot prints on the trail they found. {XP Gained: 1800}

Taxed by the events of the day, they decided to put off continuing to the prison once more, fearing the ghosts may be too formidable for them without them being fully rested.


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