Galt (pronounced GALT) is a land where mob rule has led to chaos. After the death of Aroden and the rise of the church of Asmodeus, the people of Galt, once a nation of free thinkers, decided it was time to throw off the tyrannical rule of Cheliax and their own nobles who had supported the diabolists.

A bloody revolution followed in which many, many nobles lost their heads, and the intellectuals of Galt formed the Revolutionary Council to rule the newly-independent nation. Little did they understand the beast they had created when the fostered the initial seeds of discord with governance in the country folk. Within five years heads rolled again, and the Revolutionary Council had been overthrown by another set of bloodthirsty revolutionaries who wanted change.

Thus began the cycle of bloodshed and revolution after revolution that has lead to Galt’s decline into a nation inhabited by mobs of paranoid, revolutionary fanatics. Over a dozen governments have risen and fallen ever since.


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