According to their own myths, the dwarves were forged by Torag in ancient times. They lived and worked in their underground forges and cities, fighting against the orcs and goblinoid races and among themselves for eons.

Late in the Age of Darkness (ca. -5133 AR) they united under King Taargick and began to push towards the surface, in what would later come to be known as the Quest for Sky. They inadvertently herded their ancient enemies, the orcs, ahead of them, and finally emerged onto the surface around -4987 AR. Once they established themselves, they built the vast and magnificent Sky Citadels. Though they have waned since, due to wars with orcs and terrors from the Darklands, most of the citadels still stand, with the vast majority of them inhabiting the Five Kings Mountains.

Physically they are stout humanoids, usually a head shorter than their human counterparts, but much broader. They have thick, heavy bones, tightly packed muscular sinew, and stability unmatched by other races. This bulk also causes dwarves to weigh as much, if not more than human men. Their coloration varies, with the dwarves of Garund being deeply tanned and weather beaten, while the dwarves of Avistan tend to be paler, especially those who dwell in the far north of the [[The Lands of the Linnorm Kings |Lands of the Linnorm Kings]. Dwarves have wide range of eye color, with brown and grey being the most common, though some possess shocking blue irises. Their hair usually ranges from dark, near-black brown, to a light ash brown; some are born with a shock of red hair, which is considered beautiful in dwarven circles.


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