What is now the nation of Andoran (pronounced ann-DOHR-ann) was founded approximately in the early 1700s AR as part of the Taldan Empire, following a successful military campaign. Annexed by the newly naissant empire of Cheliax during Qadira’s Great Campaign against the Taldor.

Under Cheliax’s rule, Andoran flourished for hundreds of years, but after the fall of Aroden, and the rise of the church of Asmodeus in Cheliax, the country began to buck under the diabolical tyranny. The People’s Revolt erupted in 4669 AR when merchants rallied the common folk behind egalitarian principles and declared their independence from the empire. This cast aside noble class’ right to rule and lead to Avistan’s first democracy.

Present day Andoran is a nation abundant with natural resources, contains all manner of terrain – plains, hills, forests, mountains. Its location along the northern coast of the Inner Sea places it at an idea local to profit from these resources. It is separated from it’s former overlords in Cheliax by the Aspodell Mountain range, allowing it to maintain it’s freedom.


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