Tar-Baphon, The Whispering Tyrant

Imprisioned Undead Despot

  • Undead
  • Male
  • Powerful Wizard

In life the Whispering Tyrant was known as the wizard-king Tar-Baphon, a powerful necromancer and an adherent to the cult of the Whispering Way. He and his undead minions had grown so powerful by the 9th century AR that it took the power of the god Aroden to finally defeat him.

Unfortunately for the citizens of Avistan, this was not the last that the world would hear of him. It is not known how, but sometime during 3203 AR he rose from the dead as an abominable undead creature. Now calling himself the Whispering Tyrant, he promptly conquered the country of Ustalav, declaring himself it’s king. For the over 600 years of his reign he pushed his influence into the surrounding countries, conquering with his undead minions or the allied clans of orcs he helped unify.

It was only through the might of the Shining Crusade that he was ever stopped. Having pushed through the tyrant’s defenses to his capital in Gallowspire, the campaign was able to weaken the monster enough to put a formidable magical barrier in place, forever trapping him under the citadel. He has remained trapped there ever since.

Tar-Baphon, The Whispering Tyrant

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