Marlin Enendeshi

Riska's foster father -- no longer presumed dead


Marlin never talked much about his early years, but by the time he met Riska he was an established thief with a strong reputation throughout Taldor as a good man in a tight spot. He balanced his time between adventuring and stealing, more for entertainment value than out of real need.

Marlin and Riska met when she tried to pick his pocket as a young but reasonably skilled thief. Her skill wasn’t quite enough to surpass Marlin’s powers of perception, but he was impressed enough to take her in and teach her what he knew.

Recently it has become clear that Riska’s memories of Marlin are deeply flawed in at least one respect, but her memory runs as follows:

Marlin and Riska became an unstoppable team in Taldor’s capital city of Opara. Marlin was the first person to earn Riska’s trust, and she identified with him to such an extent that she took on as many human characteristics as possible, turning her back on her own race. However, there were always secrets Marlin kept from his charge, much to her annoyance. One night, Marlin slipped out. Riska attempted to follow, but Marlin lost her in the slums of Opara. By the time she caught up with him, he was lying in a puddle of his own blood. She reached him before he died, but he was unable to speak.

Riksa learned that Marlin had been seen with a group of people in cloaks shortly before his death. She could get no other clue as to why he had been murdered, but she was determined to find out, certain that if she had been there, she could have saved him. In one way or another, she has been searching for the truth behind his death ever since.

Recent Events:

It has recently become clear that at least one of Riska’s memories is incorrect. Her brother, who claims that Marlin adopted both of them but of whom Riska has no memory, told her that Marlin fed her a forgetfulness potion due to a series of convoluted event. Something went wrong with the potion, though, and instead of forgetting both men, Riska forgot only her brother, Reece, developing a memory of Marlin’s death. According to Reece, Marlin is currently trapped in The Tomb of Ahm Helmok.

Marlin Enendeshi

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