Duristan Silvio Ariesir

Noble Adventurer Wannabe


A young thrill-seeking aristocrat hailing from one of Ardeal’s wealthiest families, Duristan was clearly drawn to the lodge by his fascination with werewolves, and besting the beasts. He is obsessed with the stories of adventurers, a life he’s barred from leading due to his familial obligations. He became somewhat star-struck in the presence of real adventurers, whose company he’d shamefully boasted he’d never shared before. He became was very eager to to discuss his hunting tales with the party – stories filled with boasting and overconfidence – while asking them for pointers and suggesting they work together on future werewolf hunts.

Half a dozen rough hirelings accompanied Duristan to the Ascanor Lodge to assist him on his hunts. These minions are little more than vagabonds plying what small skill at arms they have in exchange for Duristan’s coin.

Not particularly handsome, Duristan has a long face and thinning brown hair. He regularly wears a wolfskin which he claims is that of a werewolf, but most of the party are wise enough to realise that werewolves revert to human form when killed, so the skin is likely that of a normal wolf, if not a large, feral dog.

To date, he’s slain three werewolves – or so he claims. This “fact” is something that he is quite pleased with and unabashedly tells tales of.

While overly forward with Riska when she got him drunk, Duristan has been a vital source of information to the party – giving them the lowdown on who’s who at the lodge, along with his opinions on each of them.

Duristan Silvio Ariesir

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