The Newcomer. Another Noble Runaway.


Born into a noble family, it was at an early age that Cathran’s father knew that the life of a noblewoman wasn’t destined for his daughter. As soon as she was old enough to walk, her found her constantly getting into trouble, or as she called it “adventures”.

After many years and attempts to stop her, he relented and decided she should have have the training she would need to survive her misbehavior. He requested that a good friend of his begin to provide her with the training she would need to at least survive. After years of training together, their relationship progressed from teacher and pupil, to that of lovers.

Knowing he would disapprove, they hid their torrid affair from her father. Over time, they grew sloppy with hiding their indiscretion, and once they were discovered the penalty was far worse than Cathran could have ever imagined, as her father put his friend, her lover, to death.

Her father told her that what he had done was for the best, but horrified by the sudden cruelty of a parent she loved, she no longer knew what to feel. At first she only threatened to leave, and unsurprisingly the monster she once called her father vowed to hunt her down if she did.

She ran anyway, and has spent all her time ever since trying to find a place she can call her own and feel accepted, trying to forget her past. The trauma has lead her to feeling most comfortable on her own, feeling that other people can not truly be trusted. And despite this all she hates the loneliness, and craves being somewhere she can fit in.


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