Carrion Crown

Into New Realms 06: Day of the Living... Something

In Which our heroes find shinies

After a terribly grueling battle with the tentacle monster (in which various feats of heroic daring are performed), Agiz and Riska find themselves wondering if the hideous beast is in fact edible. Turns out it is, so our heroes decide it’s time for a feast. Everyone but Kayl (EBK) soon hears thunder in the distance, and the party decides it’s best to get moving, since the halflings assure them they’re within reach of the city.

As they continue on, they realize that the dark and foreboding clouds seem to be strangely stationary, and that although they hear thunder, they see only one solid light that might be described as lightning. As they approach the city, they see a massive ziggurat surrounded by walls. A beam of light juts from its top and into the clouds. The halflings refuse to go any further, and with little ceremony the party abandons them to inspect the city gate. There’s no answer when they knock, and they find the gate tightly barred.

Riska uses her rope to climb into a watch tower. It seems quiet… TOO QUIET. Riska hears groaning and sees some people milling around, and asks the party to knock loudly so she can gauge their reaction, a suggestion they take to heart. The “people” do indeed amble in the direction of the sound.

Kayl, Iora, Agiz, and Iora’s wolf scramble up the wall while Riska scouts ahead, noting a large number of zombies in the wealthier area of town to the north. Kayl and Iora hear shuffling below them, then a loud thud. Iora races to get Riska’s attention, and Riska books it all along the watchtower as the zombies attack.

While the party fights off the zombie horde, Trapspringer climbs the rope, then casually sets about lifting Ambrosius to the top as well. He finishes and spins, ready to launch into action, only to find the battle finished.

After some discussion, the party decides to rig a distraction before proceeding. Kayl and Agiz examine the tower and decide to place charges to collapse it in hopes of attracting the creatures. The party sneaks away for several very tense moments before the bomb triggers, rocking the entire wall and sending a shuffling zombie horde (heard by EBK) in the direction of the collaposed watchtower. The party hides from an assortment of brothel zombies before Trapsringer, Riska, and Agiz head into the abaondoned marketplace to search for items, Riska making a point of informing the sky that it will just have to put up with the delay. They find a very nice mix of potions, ceramics, weapons, and armor before returning triumphant to the party. The group retreats to the shadows and heads into the shadow of the mighty ziggurat…

silt horror 5 1550
12 zombies 8 3350
3 zombies 4 1150
3 zombies 4 1150
7200/5 = 1440 each


andre_pro_pro cswark

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