Carrion Crown

Into New Realms 05: The Desert Again

In Which Our Party Returns to the Desert

As the party ventures forth, one of the halflings givesTrapspringer a package for his friends to eat. Overcoming their initial trepidations, they find the packages to contain healing bread. Although concerned about Chhakuk’s disappearance and whereabouts, they decide the best thing they can do for him is push on to the city in hopes of finding someone who understands other realms and planes, so they set off with their three halfling escorts.

The halflings refuse to travel through the mountains at night, so the party camps, Agiz (AGEEZ!) taking the first watch with the halflings. When Riska doesn’t come to relieve him, he tries to rouse her, but has no success. He decides to leave her be for a while.

Upon hearing something nearby, Agiz wakes the others, but Riska still won’t stir. Just asKayl lifts her in his arms, two large cats leap into the clearing, finally waking Riska. Iora tries to speak to them, but it turns out they only want dinner — and dinner is the party. The party, however, makes quick work of the cats — particularly Trapspringer, who splatters everyone, especially himself and Riska, with mutilated cat. Iora and Agiz start off in search of the cats’ kittens, but change their mind and return to the camp.

Riska gathers the party and reports that the reason they couldn’t wake her is because she had a dream, or a vision — something.Simkin appeared to her and tried to explain what had happened to him and Chhakuk. Riska is confused, but as best as she can understand, Simkin bonded with D esna. There are now two forms of Desna: Simkin Desna and real Desna. The Simkin Desna gains strength at the real Desna’s expense. Both forms of Desna hope that Chhakuk will be able to separate them, and fear great consequences should he fail. Riska also believes that Simkin warned her against trying to follow Chhakuk into the other realm. She adds that she wandered off the beaten path a way during her vision and saw something that leads her to believe that Ahm Helmok is monitoring them from afar.

The next morning, Agiz accidentally draws too much energy in his magical preparations, decimating the campsite. The halflings are unimpressed and wonder why they’re putting up with this group, but Riska flashes the sigil of Ahm Helmok and they fall silent.

The party sets off into the desert, Kayl’s and Iora’s amazing survival skills protecting them from many encounters. At camp, Riska sets up her bedroll as far from Kayl’s as possible, much to his dismay. Riska points out that if Ahm Helmok can see her, so can Marlin, and Kayl is going to have to keep his distance until that mess gets sorted out.

The next night, a party of elves passes by, but Kayl intimidates them into leaving. Kayl and Riska have another argument about sleeping arrangements, prompting one of the halflings to proudly offer Kayl a sparkly, weird, glowing magical flower, which he enthusiastically passes on to Riska, much to the halfling’s delight.

During the night, one of the elves appears and offers to trade with Riska… repeatedly. For surprisingly little gold, Riska purchases Shatterspike, a bone longsword, a wooden +1 shield, and a + 1 glamered obsidian rapier. The former two go into party holdings, but Riska holds onto the latter.

As the party returns to the desert the next day, the halfling leader casts endure elements on the party, and they venture forth with only a few encounters, courtesy of Kayl and Iora. Ignoring Riska’s occasional curses and arguments with the sky, they reach camp on their seventh night in the desert. During watch, Agiz and a halfling hear a noise. Finding themselves compelled to investigate, they go in search of its source. The party awakens to a gurgling roar and chases after them to find a mass of tentacles emerging from the sand, Agiz and the halfling caught in their grasp…

From last week — 30 400 (6080 each)
From this week — 39 000 (7 800 each)

Teamworker: Kayl, for his support of Iora
Embodiment: Riska, for her paranoia about Marlin’s sudden omnipresence
MVP: Iora, for her amazing survival roles

Iora: For achieving her goal of not doing anything stupid

– Shatterspike (Party holdings)
– Wooden +1 shield (Party holdings)
– Glamored +1 obsidian rapier (Riska)


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