Carrion Crown

Into New Realms 02: Fred

In Which Our Party Journeys Onward

The party continues on with their decomposing air conditioning unit, crossing the next dune to find the area dotted with holes. After some discussion, they decide to cross the area, where cute little creatures resembling meerkats come out and growl. They attack the decomposing air conditioner and become increasingly aggressive. Once Trapspringer’s diplomacy fails and Ambrosius growls, the creatures attack, quickly poisoning the party. Chhakuk belatedly realizes he can cast airwalk on the entire party and does so, allowing them to flee.

As they continue on, Riska hears voices and sneaks ahead to find four four-armed, orange, bald, pointy eared giants. The party sneaks away, but Chhakuk decides to poke his head above the dunes and gets spotted. A giant comes toward them and hurls a boulder, and Riska shoots. The giants charge in, but the party makes short work of them, finding 2000 ceramic coins.

With the sun rising, the party sets up some (crappy) shelters. Riska watches uneventfully, and Chhakuk rises to commune with… someone, who feels even more distant today. Part way through the day, they hear clicking and find four large bugs heading their way (THEY WALK LIKE MEN!) Eventually Riska lays down her weapons and spreads her hands; the lead bug follows suit. Kayl shows them the ceramic coins and they agree to escort the party to the city, using a wand to acclimatize everyone to the weather — much to the dismay of Chhakuk, who has spent most of his spells for the day doing something similar. Later, for convenience sake, the party decides to name the Thri-kreen. They call them Klick, Klack, Klakukk, and Fred.

During the night, the party hears voices and wakes Riska, who finds four “elves” nearby. “Fred” then goes off to talk to them. The next day, they continue on until they reach a road. The insects part way with the group, bidding farewell to the party, although they seem dismissive and unhappy with Trapspringer. As they progress, Chhakuk mentions that there is a way to find the thing they’re looking for, as mentioned inIora’s book.

Riska is furious to learn that there is information in the book, which Iora previously refused to let her inspect, and demands that Iora hand it over. Iora refuses, offering instead to read the book to Riska. Riska draws a dagger and puts it to Iora’s throat and, after a tense confrontation, Iora throws the book at her and storms away. Riska settles down to read. Chhakuk leads Kayl and Trapspringer aside and tells Kayl he is concerned about Riska’s outbursts and potential violence to the party. Kayl isn’t sure he blames her in this instance, but while Chhakuk is not unsympathetic to Riska’s predicament, he points out that she actually held a dagger to Iora’s throat. He wants them to work together as a team, and not have violence between party members. Kayl doesn’t disagree, but points out that he does not control Riska and that Iora is, to say the least, equally suspicious, which Chhakuk admits.

Riska finishes with the book and returns it to Iora, who mutters an apology. In turn, Riska offers her a healing potion, which Iora refuses. A wagon passes by and its driver refuses to engage with them, glaring and muttering at Trapspringer. Riska, putting two and two together, suspects halflings are not well liked in this world, and asks Trapspringer’s permission to disguise him as a child. With Trapspringer looking much more innocent, the party heads on and eventually reaches the city.

2 480 each

Items Found:
2000 ceramic coins, minus 250 to the bugs

Chhakuk, for (uselessly) achieving his goal

MVP: Kayl, for whirlwinding all the things and not wanting to cross a monster infested den to save an hour of travel

Embodiment: Iora, for stickin’ to her guns.

Teamworker: Chhakuk, for our escape from the meerkitties and the healz


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